The Great Fraud of The Central Banks!

16 03 2021

The financial crisis of 2008 came unexpectedly. Only few saw problems in the U.S. mortgage market and related derivatives (financial instruments). Most of us didn’t even understand all this, the supervision completely failed or was muted, every related financial product was rated AAA, and it was also interesting that the bankers, who invented all this new financial products, did not fully understand them. Even american central bank FED didn’t see any problems. As we know from history, the end result was the collapse of the fourth largest American investment bank Lehman Brothers in September 2008, which was the beginning of the global financial crisis.

We also felt this crisis in our country, as it caused the economic crisis, and especially the debt crisis, which in practice meant that interest rates on government borrowing rose sharply, so borrowing became very expensive, and a large part of state budgets would go in such case only for interest on debts. If countries are no longer able to repay their debts, a state goes bankrupt. And the bankruptcy of the state is the worst possible bankruptcy, as it is concretely felt by most citizens.

And how did the central banks then solve this problem?

Childishly simple! Literally childishly simple!

Instead of the term “Money Printing” (MP), they invented the term “Quantitative Easing” (QE) so that people would not understand too quickly that they actually started excessive money printing as we knew it in Yugoslavia and it eventually led to hyperinflation.

The term Quantitative Easing is calming, almost relaxing and suggests that you will get more money over time. Much more money. But it will be worth (much) less. Ups!

In the last few years central banks have printed (created) thousands of billions of euros, dollars, yen and other fiat currencies, which have no basis in increased GDP, and with this newly printed money they have began to buy government bonds as well as corporate bonds and some other financial papers. This central banks market intervention virtually erased interest rates. Even more. The consequence of such a central banks policy is the fact that many government bonds now even have negative interest rates. This way, central banks have also become a kind of huge bad banks, as the state of a country or a company is no longer any factor, because they are pulled off the market. It’s like turning off an altimeter on a plane. Government bonds of Greece, Germany or Italy are the same for our central bank. CCC, along with AAA and BB. As with derivatives in 2008. One huge Lehman Brothers are now clearly becoming central banks themselves! But it is true that central banks have one big advantage over Lehman Brothers. They can print unlimited amount of money and can’t default. The next logical step for central banks will be to start buying corporate shares and real estate to stabilize the market in the event of downward adjustments? What about the debt of individuals? Why not buy even this debt, if the money is printed so easy? There will be no more risk on the investment side!

For someone, who is not familiar with these financial operations or more correctly – machinations (myself too), it is strange that this newly printed money did not cause high inflation, as we were used to it in Yugoslavia?

Prices (and thus inflation) can rise if people’s purchasing power increases or supply decreases. However, this central banks operation did not increase the purchasing power of the population, so wages and other benefits did not rise. The increase in productivity, technological development and the economic recovery took care of that the supply of general goods did not fall. This newly printed money went to financial institutions and the lenders, who with this money then of course didn’t go to the nearest shopping center and bought bananas, rice and sausages, but invested it elsewhere. Here is the essence of it all. This newly created money was invested elsewhere. It was invested in stocks, real estate, gold, silver, bitcoin etc. So this crazy printing of money has actually led to high inflation on the investment side! On the assets. And in this way, the rich become even significantly richer in a snap. The main sponsor of this? The world central banks with its relaxed monetary policy! People, however, were given consolation by cheap loans for very expensive real estates and flats, the prices of which they themselves inflated. Bizarre? No, no! This is actually ingenious! Just not for a little man who is a victim of such a broken system.

If in 2008 there was a real estate bubble in the USA, now there are real estate bubbles around the world. USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, China, everywhere real estate has been getting more expensive by 10% – 20% or even more a year in the last few years! However, due to very low interest rates for mortgage loans, which are close to zero in many countries, the real estate fever is only rapidly increasing. This is professionally called FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out.

The U.S. stock market looks like it did before 1929 and has become the new Las Vegas where everyone plays. A Tesla share has a P/E (ratio between the market price of a share and earnings per share) of more than 1000. The normal P/E is between 10 and 20. P/E 30 is historically high! P/E 1000 is then what?

Fugayzi, fugazi. It’s a whazy…

Today exist so-called index funds (ETF’s), where a small investor does not have to deal with trifles such as P/E and stock price valuation. A small investor can search on Google that the US stock index S&P 500 has gone up 300% in the last 10 years from 2011 to 2021! So, today you invest in an index fund and in 2031 you collect 300%! If there is a real start of the economy, it will not be only 300%, but 400%, maybe even 500%. You can’t fail if you bet on the American economy, aren’t you? If they are in trouble, they will print themselves out of trouble. Easy money obviously also for ordinary John Doe, but John Doe is forgetting that past returns are no guarantee for the future! The managers of these index funds have to use the inflows of money to buy the shares that are in these indexes, regardless of whether the valuation of these shares is already so absurdly high and completely at odds with reality. I think I mentioned somewhere that the situation looks like it did before 1929 on Wall Street. Wall Street has a mechanism to stop trading in excessive falls. However, it has no mechanism to stop exponential growth.

What the central banks have caused with such a easy monetary policy is, on the one hand, that a huge amount of money has flowed from government and corporate bonds into other investments and thus inflated asset bubbles, while at the same time, with historically low interest rates on loans, practically anyone can inflate further this bubbles, as it would be a shame not to take advantage of these opportunities. And so at the same time, they make debt addicts for the next 30 years! This is called the debt trap. Highly indebted people are also easier to control, as they have a tight credit loop around their necks. And the same goes for the countries! You are never independent with such a huge debt!

A classic global bubble economy backed by cheap paper and excessive amount of debt!

As if all this was not enough, they are chasing money out of the banks in all possible ways in euro zone even with the negative interest rates on deposits, so they are additionally pouring gasoline on the fire, which has already flared up to epic proportions. And the ones, who get into such a scheme at the end, usually lose the most when the bubbles pop. Bizarre? No, no! This is actually ingenious! Just not for the little man who is a victim of such a broken system.

Officially calculated inflation of around 1.5% and well below 2 % is, in my humble opinion, another smart scam, as officially calculated inflation can be adjusted if it is changed the way inflation is calculated and with what percentage individual items in the calculation are taken into account. Consumers usually feel much higher inflation, and at the same time, underestimated official inflation means savings on wages, pensions and various social benefits, which are adjusted to inflation, so, in this way, they further reduce purchasing power! Basic idea behind all this is, in my humble opinion, to pay off huge debts by the gap between higher GDP and lower living standards of the population. Simply put – Work more for less. Smart, but doesn’t work for now.

Part of the smart scam of the official inflation calculation is the fact that housing prices are excluded from the calculation, because they are considered as an investment, even though we all know that people need housing and apartments to live in and the apartment can not be just an investment, like a share of Tesla or bitcoin or gold! Who came up with such an idea?

Someone said that if you give the government the task to calculate inflation, it’s something like if you give the mafia to investigate organized crime. Clearly they won’t find any!

This central banks money “counterfeiting” fraud, however, was only exacerbated by the outbreak of a new coronavirus epidemic and the problem was solved again by printing a new, even more enormous amount of money, again unfounded in the GDP growth, as the GDP during epidemic even collapsed! Once the printing machines are started, they are very hard to stop! Like they say, money printing is like a drug addiction. And today, there is no need to start printing machines at all, as money is mostly just a numbers in banking information systems. Today It’s easier to create a trillion USD or euros then to bake a loaf of bread! This is supposedly not an anomaly of the monetary system!?

But the debt problem could also be solved in other ways, say by partial write-off and debt restructuring. However, in practice, this would mean that even the richest lose, which was never really an option, as they actually set The rules of the Game for us all! Even the concept of the state is obviously completely imaginary, because, as it turns out in practice, the state is nothing! I will write again, because this is very important! The state is nothing! After all, states are just individuals, with their narrow interests and power to influence decisions. And here it has so far turned out that the richest have practically absolute power and what is the biggest problem, these individuals are also very intelligent and in turn all great philanthropists! Evolution seems to have no safeguard against the most intelligent individuals hijacking the entire (advanced?) civilization.

The idea of a “bankrupt countries – extremely rich few individuals” is, in my humble opinion, the exact opposite of ingenious.

So far, they have been stealthily stealing from savers in banks through inflation and zero interest rates on deposits. This is professionally called stealth devaluation. Sooner or later high inflation is likely to follow and the next big theft will be felt by the vast majority and younger generation don’t even know, what high inflation is. High inflation, however, is just another major scam in the economy and form of hidden taxation. We have seen extreme examples of this already in Yugoslavia and they have seen it in Germany after the First World War, they have seen it in Hungary after the Second World War, they see it in Venezuela, in Zimbabwe and many other places around the world. And central bankers will make excuses that everyone did it (is doing it). Not just the Fed, but the ECB, the BoJ (Central Bank of Japan) and everyone else. The dollar, euro, yen and other currencies are sinking together, so if you look at it quickly, it doesn’t look like they are actually sinking! This is professionally called competitive devaluation, because competitive sinking doesn’t sound well.

When your money printing machines are running long time on full throttle, you have already lost control of your currency, regardless of all aircraft carriers and drones you have as backup. This is one of the basic lessons of the world’s famous Yugoslav School of Economics. And Yugoslavia was a nice Proof of Concept. Many people lost money and savings during this experiment. We had so much Quantitative Easing (QE) in Yugoslavia, that in the end, we were all tired of this monetary relaxation.

Now I think I understand why Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, bought 1,5 billion US dollars of bitcoins. He’s making a fool out of the US dollar. This is a symbolic act. Insider joke on US central bank Fed.

It seems necessary to take into account the axiom that central banks always work in the interests of the richest individuals (!), not ordinary people, who try to survive from month to month and are not able to cover even few 100 € of unforeseen expenses without borrowing!

I often remember a scene from the movie Margin Call, which shows the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. Two investment bankers (Lehman Brothers) drive in an expensive sports car around New York and say to each other… “Look at these people. Wandering around with absolutely no idea what’s about to happen.”

In my opinion, this is going to be even bigger than after the financial crisis in 2008. The only difference is that this time many people know it, a lot of people warn and central banks also know very well what they are doing and where this is leading! As long as it goes like this, it goes like this, when It doesn’t go like this anymore, then …

It didn’t work.

The question to which I have not yet been able to find a good answer is…

How to bet against the world’s central banks?

I just hope that a solution is not creation of a global startup, which will mass-produce cheap wooden coffins and urns.

ECB! When someone stealthily steals from me and I notice it, I will tell him directly. And I am telling you! But this is the end of the trust right away. The euro is obviously a paper, similar to the Yugoslav dinar, except that the exchange office is no longer on the Ljubljana food market, to change it immediately to Deutsche mark. And today is also Deutsche mark no more. Unfortunately.

If you think all people are stupid, you are mistaken for at least one. You’re human too!

I can’t change anything. But I can tell you what (I think) is going on…

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We all thought that inflation was really well below 2% last few years, as they lied to us, but one day we opened a real estate website and found out that housing prices have risen as much as 30% in just the last three years. And it is predicted that will rise by 10% annual rate in the next few years!

This is like in Argentina. We don’t have any inflation! Right. But what numbers do you looking at?

Today we know how this came and what really meant the statement of the then head of the ECB Mario Draghi (Super Mario) – Whatever it takes. And It took a lot! Lots of printed money without any basis. 5 years zero interest rates in banks, more than 20 billion euros in savings, 2% year inflation (true value is over 3%) = theft of savers in range of the 2 billion euros through stealth devaluation! Not bad, is it? But this is just the extent of theft of bank savers in Slovenia. What is the extent of theft across the euro area? 300 billion? More than half trillion euros? Even more? What about the whole world? Trillions of USD, euros etc!?

If you steal a T-shirt at the general store, you can go to jail for a year or even more. If you steal two billion (half trillion) euros from people, you are what? Central banker? Once they steal from small savers at the bank, who are just trying to save something and then give it to those, who already have way too much for the next hundred lives, it’s for me The End Game. This is a shameful act! In Yugoslavia, at least we knew that it was necessary to convert dinars into marks or gold as soon as possible. Now they steal a lot more imaginatively, and you need some time to figure it out, where the scam is and what’s going on. Stealth devaluation then?

Years ago, only connoisseurs knew that the central bank in Frankfurt am Main had begun to print money en masse and where this would lead over time. Now hairdressers know this, taxi drivers know it and anyone who opens real estate websites can see it! The central bank can pursue this so called full throttle policy next few years, inflating existing asset bubbles much, much more. In this case, real estate prices can go up by another 50% or more, as this has become the most popular investment in our country and around the world too. The damage has already been done, as the euro as a currency is devalued in the eyes of many of us and needs to be converted to something else as soon as possible! Currently, the most popular conversion is to concrete and bricks.

But devaluation of currency is never just devaluation of the currency. It is always also devaluation of the trust to the economy of this currency!

Even Blind Monkey can go out on the real estate market and buy a new flat in Ljubljana for 10.000,00 €/m2 or a new flat in Frankfurt am Main for 8.000,00 €/m2 with borrowed money. And prices will go up, and up, and up. But this is not the sign of economic growth nor a healthy economy! This is just the sign of panic. And I am scared, when I see such panic! Such global panic. Healthy economy and everyone is looking for a safe haven?

In the environment of stealth devaluation and cash is trash paradigm, everyone with savings on bank accounts is now forced to go on a markets full of bubbles and invest. Small fishes, thrown to the sharks. This looks more like gambling, than investing and isprofessionally called financial repression. And when you start to gamble, you are just step away to go for a cheap loan. But cheap loans are also fuel for bubbles! Classic positive feedback loop. Obviously, the goal of the central banks is no longer just price stability, but full market manipulation.

It is well known that largest american investment banks like JPMorgan manipulate price of gold and have even paid some small fines for this practice. It is possible, that the price of gold is manipulated by the central banks too, because if gold price would skyrocket, people would know that something is very wrong with the currencies and many central banks would replace most of the USD with gold in their reserves.

On this bumpy route, the bend (turn?) will come again and then it will be necessary to brake hard. I don’t know how it will look like, but I know who will get hurt again. A little man! This is an axiom, that has so far proved to be absolutely true.

The ECB has become quite an ordinary Topčider am Main (Topčider was Yugoslav central bank, obsessed with printing money)! And the same is true for many other central banks around the world. With a monetary policy like this, you have to hold on to your wallet!

The economy is supposed to be based on trust? But who could trust thieves!?

Full disclosure: Dr. Onyx does not have a doctorate in economics. Yet! He is not even a Doctor. But he is one of a kind. The special kind. Not a very pleasant kind.

Answer from ECB is here.

End Note (1): After watching this video, “Quantitative Easing” (QE) seems to be a Japanese innovation from 90’s. The phrase quantitative easing was invented by professor Richard Werner. Some argue that QE is not money printing but assets swap, because central bank creates new bank reserves and exchange this for long term bonds. But bank reserves are money. If bank reserves were not money or near money, then depositors could not withdraw their savings from the banks. Through this operation, banks can lend more money and lending money is a main way of money creation. Investment bank probably have more money to invest in other assets with higher yields. QE starts as asset swap, but at the end of this process effect of QE is new money creation what inflated assets prices. If this money finds it’s way to the consumers, it can inflate consumer prices also. QE may increase trust in the central banks in sens that they will protect assets prices and help inflate bubbles, but should not increase trust into economy! They are carrying out QE because economy is in trouble, don’t they? Or is just a fraud?

End Note (2): If central bankers really wanted to solve the “problem” (If it is really a problem!?) of low inflation by printing money (QE), as some central banks claim, then this problem can be solved very trivially with helicopter money and not QE. This way, printed money is distributed directly among people and inflation appears very quickly! This fraud was in my opinion engeenered by US central bank FED and from the very beginning designed to inflate asset prices (wealth transfer) and the price for this will pay poor and middle class through hidden taxation called inflation! Nothing new. Seen many times before in history.

And I hope, this fraud will find its way into the history books. Pictures of main actors will not be hard to find.

Jerome Powell US FED (source wiki)

I hope the world will one day find a better solution for a reserve currency than the USD. Through the reserve currency US is exporting their problems around the world.

Additional teaching material:
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Izjemna gospodarska rast

18 05 2022

Da je pri nas gospodarska rast izjemno visoka pričajo vedno nove in nove podražitve. Po moje nismo več daleč od tega, da se bodo cene spreminjale praktično dnevno, kot smo to doživeli v Jugoslaviji za časa tako imenovane hiper gospodarske rasti.

Večina od te izjemno visoka gospodarske rasti nima nič, razne razvrednotenih prihrankov in plač.

Ljudi imajo za bedake!


26 04 2022

Če tole ni super KUL!

Fotografija je simbolična.

Fast food na obali

18 04 2022

Običajno ne objavljam na internetu slike hrane iz gostiln, tokrat pa moram narediti izjemo, ker si tole po mojem mnenju zasluži komentar.

Na sliki so ocvrti kalamari iz ene izmed gostiln ob obali v Portorožu. Za tole porcijo v tej gostilni računajo 16 €.

Zame je to čisto navaden fast food, ki bi moral biti postrežen na papirnatem krožniku, zraven pa bi dobil še plastični pribor. Po moje bi bila cena za tole lahko največ 6 €, plus recimo še 2 €, ker gre za mondeno letovišče. Ampak to v Portorožu kot rečeno stane 16 €, ob tem, da zraven ne dobiš niti kosa kruha. Girice ali karkoli že so te male ribice na drugi sliki, jaz seveda nisem naročil, ampak sem jih dobil pač zraven, ker jih je naročil nekdo pred mano in so ostale v olju.

Po mojem mnenju je šlo pri nas na obali vse skupaj k vragu potem, ko je država razdelila turistične bone. Na to so se odzvali na obali in še v nekaterih bolj obleganih turističnih mestih tako, da so močno spustili nivo storitev in kvalitete, hkrati pa dvignili cene. Pa ne dvignili cene za 5% ali 10%, temveč za 30% ali še več. In to se potem nikdar ni vrnilo nazaj v prvotno stanje, ampak je tako ostalo, saj so verjetno gostinci ugotovili, da je zaslužek še večji, prometa pa verjetno tudi nimajo bistveno manj. Če drugega ne se vedno najde kakšen italijanski ali nemški turist, ki plača za ta fast food oderuških 16 € in komu se morda to še ne zdi nič nenavadnega. Ampak jaz vem, da so v tej gostilni bili ocvrti kalamari nekoč bistveno boljši, zraven si dobil tudi dober kruh in cena je bila precej nižja. Ampak potem je prišel Covid in turistični boni.

Na naši obali je tisto, kar je zares nekaj vredno, zastonj. Vsega ostalega, vključno s tem zelo dragim fast food-om pa se je potrebno na daleč ogniti! Saj hrano se da dobiti tudi v kakšnem supermarketu in bo boljša kot tole.

Prego? Ne hvala! Nikdar več…

MOCKBA – Sunken pride

15 04 2022

Mockba sleeps with the fishes.

Incompetent ship’s cooks are statistically the main reason for the sinking of large battleships. You can’t have defence against careless cooks.

The day when Mockba sunk should be The International day of fighting against aggressive authoritarian regimes.


13 04 2022

V zadnjem času se Turčija spopada s precej visoko inflacijo. Kako je to videti v praksi sem občutil pri ceni avtobusnega prevoza iz letališča v Istanbulu do trga Taksim. V smer iz letališča je bila cena za avtobus 42 turških lir, za nazaj, tri dni kasneje, se je podražila že na 52 turških lir. To je nekaj več kot 3 EUR in za razdaljo več kot 40 km za naše razmere ni drago. Ampak par dni prej je bilo še ceneje.

Po Bosphorski ožini pa zelo malo pomorskega prometa. Očitno posledica vojne v Ukrajini.

Slikarska kariera

25 03 2022

Malo je manjkalo, pa bi skoraj postal slikar. Na srečo moja kariera ni šla v to smer.

Lastnoročni podpis

25 03 2022

Nekateri ljudje so se podpisali pod svetovno znana umetniška dela, nekateri pod znanstvena odkritja.

Vladimir Vladimirovič Putin, ruski avtoritarni diktator, bo v zgodovini ostal podpisan pod številnimi žrtvami in nerazumnim razdejanjem, ki so ga za seboj pustile njegove odločitve. Sam sem prepričan, da do njega zgodovina ne bo imela nikakršne milosti in tako je tudi prav.

Ukrajina 2022 (vir: Reuters)
Ukrajina 2022 (vir: Reuters)
Ukrajina 2022 (vir: Reuters)

Le kaj bi si mislila Vera Nikolaevna Putina, če bi videla toliko mrtvih, toliko trpljenja, takšno brutalno razdejanje? To ni neumno vprašanje, ki bi si ga morali zastaviti vsi, ki bi radi počeli velike neumnosti in še vedno ne razumejo, da zgodovina vse skrbni beleži in dokumentira. Ne razumem, kako lahko nekdo nase prevzame takšno breme.

Vse po planu

23 03 2022

Vladimir Vladimirovič, vse gre po planu k vragu.

Ofenzivni minister Ruske federacije

Izjava dneva

19 03 2022

Ljubezen greje. Samo drva so pa le drva.

Drugi časi

16 03 2022

Včasih so boljše firme za svoje zaposlene zakupile športna igrišča za badminton, tenis ali fitnes. Danes je menda hit zakup strelišča.

Ruske blodnje

16 03 2022

Ameriška vojska, skupaj z zavezniki, je menda potrebovala dva meseca, da je zavzela Iraško mesto Faludža (Al-Fallujah), mesto z manj kot 300.000 prebivalci v bližini Bagdada. Glavno mesto Ukrajine Kijev ima več kot 3 milijone prebivalcev, torej je deset krat večje mesto od Faludže. Vojaški spopad v tako velikem urbanem okolju predstavlja za vsako vojsko velik izziv, saj se lahko za vsakim vogalom skriva nasprotnik z modernim protitankovskim orožjem, od daleč na vojake prežijo ostrostrelci, praktično vsako neporušeno stavbo je potrebno zavzeti, vsaka vrata, ki jih odprejo, so lahko past. Svoje prispeva še razlika v motivaciji med agresorjem in tistimi, ki mesto branijo in branilci imajo še to prednost, da ponavadi mesto zelo dobro poznajo. Povrhu vsega agresor deluje v sovražnem okolju, kjer lahko praktično vsak civilist izdaja podatke o premiku ali njihovi lokaciji. In danes je to toliko lažje, saj ima praktično vsak pri sebi moderno komunikacijsko napravo imenovano telefon. Tudi če agresor del mesta uspe osvojiti, ga mora biti sposoben obraniti pred napadi, kar terja čedalje večje število vojakov in brezhibno logistiko. Rusi so očitno pozabili na Stalingrad med drugo svetovno vojno. Je pa res, da v Stalingradu ruska vojska ni bila agresor, ampak ga je branila in uspešno obranila tudi ob pomoči neusmiljene ruske zime in več kot milijonu ubitih vojakov.

ZDA so v 20 letih spopadov v Afganistanu izgubile 2300 vojakov. V invaziji na Ukrajino je menda samo v 14 dneh padlo 4000 ruskih vojakov, prava številka pa je lahko še bistveno višja. Če se bo ta vojna nadaljevala še mesece, bodo Rusi število mrtvih agresorskih vojakov šteli v deset tisočih!

Poleg številnih mrtvih pa vojna v Ukrajini Rusijo stane prek 1 milijarde USD na dan brez upoštevanja padca BDP zaradi gospodarskih sankcij (po nekaterih izračunih je skupna cena vojne na dan 20 milijard USD). Izgube ugleda Rusiji v tujini zaradi invazije na Ukrajino pa se sploh ne da finančno ovrednotiti. Ampak glede ugleda se Rusi tudi že prej niso kaj preveč obremenjevali.

Je pa nekomu, ki je očitno povsem izgubil stik z realnostjo in razsodnost zelo težko pojasniti, da gre za blodnjo.

Glede na velike izgube med vojaki in vojaško tehniko že po nekaj tednih vojaških spopadov v Ukrajini, Rusija očitno nehote s tem izvaja tudi neke vrste lastno demilitarizacijo.

Groza, kam gre ta svet

15 03 2022

V Moskvi se je nek 200 kilogramski lik kar priklenil z lisicami na vrata Mc’Donalds-a, da ga ne bi zaprli. Ruske vplivnice doživljajo histerične napade, ker so jim blokirali Instagram. Nekega Rusa pa je od vseh sankcij zahoda najbolj prizadelo to, da ne bo mogel v kinu gledati zadnjega Batmana.

Zadnji naj prosim ugasne luč!

Последний, пожалуйста, выключите свет!

Izjava dneva

15 03 2022

Imam tako majhno stanovanje, da ima kahla od znotraj ročaj.

Ob astronomskih cenah stanovanj zaradi tiskanja denarja bo tole kot kaže nova realnost.

Braunova kvaliteta

09 03 2022

Medtem ko influencerji za denar hvalijo izdelke, jaz brezplačno tokrat kritiziram izdelek. Gre za Braunov All-in-one Trimmer z oznako MGK 5245, ki je namenjen striženju brade in las. 

vir: proizvajalec

Po natančno enem letu in enem mesecu se je pokvaril napajalnik. Izdelek ima sicer dve leti garancije, ampak ker nisem našel računa sem moral na servisu napajalnik plačati. Cena za ta napajalnik okrog 20 €. Ampak po natančno enem mesecu manj kot enem letu se je pokvaril tudi ta drugi napajalnik! Kaj se dogaja s temi napajalniki ne vem. Sigurno ni kriva elektrika, ker ostale naprave pri meni delujejo normalno. Če je napajalnik namerno načrtovan tako, da zdrži samo eno leto, mi ni najbolj logično, ker potem verjetno ne bi dali garancije dve leti.

Sem nekaj časa razmišljal, ali naj na servisu ponovno kupim nov napajalnik in spet dam 20 €, ali pa ta izdelek zabrišem v smeti in kupim drugega. Odločil sem se za smeti in nakup novega, saj se bo tudi nov napajalnik zelo verjetno pokvaril po enem letu in bom imel spet težave, ko bom moral nekaj časa hoditi naokrog zaraščen kot Bedanc. Ne kupim pa nikdar ničesar več od Brauna! Firma je šla na moj črni seznam. Nemško podjetje, pa taka bedna kvaliteta. Moj prejšnji Remington, ki ni imel baterije, je deloval leta in leta brezhibno. Verjetno več kot celo desetletje.

Razumem pa, zakaj bi moral čakati 14 dni, da mi dobavijo nov napajalnik. Če se ti tako pogosto kvarijo, potem niti tri izmene ne morejo dohajati potreb po teh nemških napajalnikih kitajske kvalitete.

Očitno tudi Nemčija hitro propada.

Izjava dneva

08 03 2022

S tem, ko je McDonald’s zaprl 850 restavracij v Rusiji, se je po mojih izračunih v Rusiji povečala možnost za splošni ljudski upor za 0,25%. Torej četrt bazične točke, če uporabim finančni žargon. Če se zaprejo še KFC, Pizza Hut in Burger King smo praktično že na 1%. Ena cela bazična točka.

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