Citat iz filma Thomasa Vinterberga Nažgani (Druk):

Josse, there’s an election with three candidates, so who do you vote for?

Do you follow? Yes?

Number 1: He is partially paralyzed from polio. He has hypertension. He’s anemic and suffers from an array of serious illnesses. He lies if it suits his purpose and consults astrologists on his politics. He cheats on his wife, chain-smokes and drinks too many martinis.

Number 2: He’s overweight, and he’s already lost three elections. He’s had a depression and two heart attacks. He’s impossible to work with and smokes cigars non-stop. And every night when he goes to bed, he drinks incredible amounts of champagne – cognac, port, whisky and adds two sleeping pills before dozing off.

Number 3: He’s a highly decorated war hero. He treats women with respect. He loves animals, never smokes and only has a beer on rare occasions.

Josse, who do you vote for?

The last one. The last one. Number 3.

And the rest of you? Yes, number 3.

Oh boy! You just discarded…

…Franklin D. Roosevelt. Winston L. Churchill. And thankfully you elected this guy.


Focus! It’s funny, but there’s a point to this, which is important – and which I hope you’ll understand some day.

The world is never as you expect.

vir: imdb

Ideja, da držiš ves čas konstantni nivo alkohola v krvi, morda sploh ni slaba. Je pa potrebno nekaj eksperimentiranja, da odkriješ optimalni nivo, ker to nimamo vsi enako. Pri meni sem opazil, da najbolje funkcioniram pri 1,5 promila alkohola v krvi, samo se bojim, da mi bodo vzeli vozniški izpit.

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