My poverty is temporar

My poverty is temporar
My suffering is just a path for me
Only God knows my destiny
Only he knows the right time for me…

Master KG

Himna za vse tiste, ki še nimajo na bančnem računu pol milijona, ali še nimajo sreče pri trgovanju na kripto tržnici ali pa preprosto imajo samo občutek, da so revni.

Believe in yourself
And you’ll see…

2 komentarja to “My poverty is temporar”

  1. Waldo Lalić Says:

    500,000 with or without paid off mortgage?

  2. dronyx Says:

    Before mortgage and property tax. Master KG is from South Africa. Poverty in this song is probably meant from an African perspective. 85% of Africans live on less than 5.50 USD per day (World bank data). We are all super rich regarding to this amount.

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